The First Step.

Figuring out some flaws and dealing with them is not quite as easy as I make it sound to my students.

I have been a Brain Trainer for the past 4 years of my life. I have achieved awesome results with my students. I have to admit that it took a lot of effort from them. There were also many moments when they were going to give up, but we agreed to keep it a secret between us and I helped them push past it. I have seen students cry from the pain they were experiencing. I have seen students curse from their inability to pass a level or two. I have had students shout, yell and curse at me from pushing them so hard to get past what they are stuck on. Did they hate me forever? Definitely not. Most of them actually came back for more just because they saw the results with their own eyes.

Funny thing now is that I am realizing how easy it is to say “YOU CAN DO IT!” and how difficult it is to believe and say to yourself “I CAN DO IT!”..

I do not have that one close friend that can talk me past it or help me go through with it, which is why I have decided that it would be worth a try sharing my experience online.

If you can inspire me and help me through this journey please let me know. I need you!

This is definitely a call for help.

It is a desperate call. I also believe that one day in the future I will look back at this and laugh at myself. I do not care. If it gets me there then be it. It must happen.

Good day and thank you for being here. ❤


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