When it all just……

We pursue life to achieve dreams of happiness and joy, but every time it all just …………. I’ve run out of adjectives to describe what it’s like. One day, it’s all pink and happy, the next moment, not day, the next moment it’s all just gone. Vanishes in thin air without a trace. When you stop and question your thoughts before it all happened or even started, you will find that all those pessimistic thoughts were true all along. Why don’t we listen to our heart? It tells us the truth about how it feels, yet we allow our mind to misinterpret it’s messages. However, don’t think that i’m telling you to listen to your heart alone to get anywhere, because you won’t get anywhere. Now, what if we listen to our mind? Again, same ending, nowhere. I’ve tried this and tried that…look at me now.

It all just don’t make no fuckin sense.


just like that.

so I’m in a writing mood and I really miss her! 

Sometimes I remember the moments we spent together and I wonder if it was just a phase that was gonna pass by and we live a happy ever after sorta thing. I ask myself “did I make the right decision when I broke it all off? or should I’ve waited a bit more and held on a bit stronger?” It’s strange what love does to us. People come and go complaining about love and all the misery it’s put them through.

Have we really messed up love that bad or has love messed us up that bad?!

It’s really not worth it asking ourselves those lame unanswerable questions!

Just live it and let it all be, whoever and whatever wants to stick around will stick around; whether you like it or not.


night night,

Let’s…? Let’s.

sitting with a friend of mine, complaining about work and so on, we decided we start our own company. On the spot, all the adrenaline ran through my veins and I felt so excited that I almost had an orgasm. Of course, with all the negative energy I’ve been dealing with for the past few months, I needed something to keep me busy and change my mood. Some would say why not keep busy with work and all the tasks that need to be done, but believe me it’s a whole different feeling when you’re trying to start your own thing.


Will take some time to get public but I’ll make sure I keep you updated.


So far we’ve found enough resources to actually launch, but with all resources, you need to make sure they’re qualified to get this thing somewhere rather than just kill it on the long run. As far as now, I’m still waiting to see the results and I’m very confident that they’ll be great.


Pray it all goes well so I could tell you the detailed version of the story 😉


See you soon.